A bit about me

I’m passionate about following Jesus. I am compassionate and a leader. I love the outdoors. I’ve been a nurse for 35 years, mostly a pediatric intensive care nurse who now is a hospice manager. I am a life coach. I am a yoga instructor. I love to ride my bike, hike and kayak.

I believe everyone needs a community and a place to belong. I’m hoping through this blog others will be motivated to live their best selves and step courageously into their next adventure as the Holy Spirit leads. I also hope to educate on living ones best life, even at end of life, through the eyes of this hospice nurse manager.

My intentions in writing this blog is to encourage others to be well in body, mind and Spirit.

In this pandemic season we are in, I am finding the true riches of life are relationships and health.

Come with me as I courageously move to Whidbey Island Washington, on my journey. I am leaving all I know behind and yet taking all of who I have become. I am stepping into a future that God has planned for me.

Greeting each new day for the gift it is. Stepping out in faith to meet the challenges and enjoying the journey.

The goal is to create a life I do not need a vacation from.

By whidbey20hoyosuzy

Outdoor loving hospice nurse manager who is passionate coming alongside others to live their best life. I am all about following Jesus and creating adventures in life while helping others be their best self, physically, mentally and spiritually throughout life. I’m a yoga instructor and life coach and every chance I get I am outdoors hiking, kayaking or doing yoga. I am a life long learner who is about to embark on another chapter in life living in Whidbey Island Washington. My husband of 31 years will remain behind in So Cal until it’s time for his retirement but he supports my calling and Dream in this season.

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